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A list of useful resources related to economics:

Textbooks / Learning Material:
-Business Cycles and Financial Crisis
-Essentials of MacroEconomics
-Essentials of MicroEconomics
-Business Models
-Introduction to Economic Analysis
-Economics: A very short introduction
-Lessons for the Young Economist
-Wealth of Nations condensed

Online Courses:
-Introduction to Finance
-Microeconomic Principles
-Principles of Macroeconomics
-Financial Engineering and Risk Management
-A Beginners Guide to Irrational Behaviour
-Game Theory
-Corporate Finance

Online Videos:
-Khan Academy - Microeconomics
-Khan Academy - Macroeconomics

Economics Books/Publications/etc:
-Abhijit Banarjee - Poor Economics
-Adam Smith - Wealth of Nations
-Adam Smith - Theory of Moral Sentiments
-F.A.Hayek - Road to Serfdom
-John Maynard Keynes - General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money
-John Von Nuemen - Theory of Games and Economic Behaviour
-Karl Marx - Das Kapital Volume 1
-Karl Marx - Das Kapital Volume 2
-Karl Marx - The Communist Manifesto
-Ludwig Von Mises - The Theory of Money and Credit
-Ludwig Von Mises - Human Action
-Milton Friedman - Free to Choose
-Milton Friedman - Capitalism and Freedom
-Milton Friedman - The Social Responsibility of Business
-Milton Friedman - The role of Monetary Policy
-Thomas Sowell - Trickle Down Theory and Tax Cuts for the Rich

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