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Thursday, 7 March 2013

No Work, No Complaints

Today was a big day for many A-level students in the UK - results day. Today was a day where I noticed something new. Today is the day where I am going to tell you all about my observation.
Something that I noticed, and was quite surprised by, was the number of upset students. They clearly did not get the grades that they wanted and they were obviously upset about it. What I didn't understand was why. They didn't work hard and they expected to ace the tests. (Exams and such are another issue which I will also have to talk about in another post) How on earth can someone genuinely expect to do well without putting the effort in? If you have the answer, please comment.

The worst thing about this is that according to the rules of social conduct, you have to treat these people extra specially. What we should be saying is - "IT WAS YOUR FAULT!" This problem is something else which we will encounter in life. We will come across people who expect to become successful without putting the days, weeks, months and years in. It is rather surprising how many people out there just expect to become successful with little work. Really Surprising.

Another weird thing that I noticed was that it isn't right to say that you could have still done better than the already good grades which I had achieved. For saying this I received some friendly insults, for reasons which I will never understand. I realise that I could have done much better, so why tell me to stop being silly? I personally think that this is a good trait. Wanting to better at something, regardless of how well you do, is a unique virtue. I think that people have to stop "accepting" the A grade, but work harder to achieve near full marks. Life is more about just settling for something, it is about constantly moving in the right direction, regardless of how many obstacles you face.

Another ramble/rant, but hope you realise what I'm trying to say.
Rishabh Malu

P.S. It seems to me that I have written quite a few posts which seem to be related more to philosophy. In all fairness, there is quite a strong link between philosophy and economics, one which I will cover some other time.