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Sunday, 3 February 2013

Why is Britain a "pessimistic" country?

Britain, it seems is a pretty pessimistic country. The country that discovered penicillin, locomotives and most importantly, the World Wide Web, has recently adopted a defeatist and cynical frame of mind. I mean, we are talking about the bloody country which went into World War 1. World War 2. And Bloody won both of them (everyone's a winner). These are the people who have lost their motivation, their spirit and most importantly their OPTIMISM!!! (I am generalising a bit here)
You go out and about nowadays and hear people saying, "I can't do it" or "I'm stupid" or even worse, "you're stupid". Is it only my blood which boils when they hear remarks such as these? Individuals are put down when overconfident because others feel that their aim is not achievable. That no-one can do it. Especially you. I strongly believe that we need to change the way we think, however difficult it may be. Like Ken Robinson so rightly said, "we suppress" peoples passions and dreams, by trying to conform them all into similar human beings. Modesty is a virtuous trait, but we should not leave out arrogance and confidence as they bring ideas onto the table which modesty would not.

People who go about degrading others are no-one but failures themselves. As Les Brown said, "most people fail in life not because they aim too high and miss, but because the aim too low, and HIT. And some don't aim at all". Those who have excelled in their field are all Passionate, they are all HARD-WORKING and most importantly, they are all DREAMERS!

Another quote which sums up the previous paragraph well is: "there are people who make their limits the limits of the world".

You are now probably, hopefully, sitting down reading this blog wondering why is this passionate fool rambling on about something obvious. Something we all know is a problem. Something which needs to be sorted out but we just don't know how to. Well, the answer is that it affects the economy: in a bad way. Britain is currently lagging behind in research and innovations, regardless of the fact that it spends one of the highest proportion of its money on R&D. It is a fact that we have all come to terms with. And that aint good. To grow as an economy, and not in the short run but long, we need ideas and technological advancements to boost Britain towards a more prosperous future.

One of the key reasons why Britain has reached this particular state of mind may proceed from the fact that we are taught that mistakes are wrong. We are scared to make mistakes and "those who are scared to make mistakes will never come up with anything original". People get turned into beings who try to stay as far away as possible from committing mistakes at school and they carry this habit into the future.

We need to stop holding people back and let them pursue their dreams. In fact, we need to encourage everyone to achieve their ambitions. Not just those with no aim, but also those who already have a goal. Do this and encourage the action of making mistakes and the world will become a happier, more prosperous place for British people to live in!!!

Thanks again for Reading,
Rishabh Malu

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